Have you ever heard people say that a good name will shine forever? In fact, it’s true, because your customers will remember you by name. This system is quite easy; customer sees your products, purchases it, receives the item, and simply adores it. What’s coming next? Your customer will return to your e-commerce site, purchase more products, and recommend you to their friends, family members, and their work environment. For this exact reason, you should be careful and delicate in choosing your business name when setting up an eCommerce business, because this really matters in the e-commerce business world.

Apart from helping you set up an e-commerce business, we would like to advise you on how to choose your name, your main calling card in this industry. This includes four simple steps that will take you so much closer to the profitable and money-spinning e-commerce business you have always strived for.

Set Out Some Priorities

Before thinking about the actual name, decide what principles should be included in your future name. For example, write down some points concerning the length of the name (difficult and long names don’t last), their pronunciation, or spelling. Remember, companies without easy spelling or pronunciation will be hard to remember for customers, and you won’t attract them in a way you could have done with a shorter, easier, and catchier name.

Write Down Those Keywords

When priorities are all set out, and you are certain that they will help you with this, it is time to move on to the next step; the step where you write down some interesting keywords or simply words that should be included in your e-commerce business name. You probably already have a few in your mind, just don’t rush, everything has its time.

Some companies that have already successfully chosen their names have used special tools to help find their name, which is also acceptable when aiming at having a cool and attractive name. Once you have some keywords at hand, you can expand them with synonyms, in order to have a wider range of words. You can finally take out that old thesaurus for a change!

Shortlist It

When you have some attention-grabbing keywords with different synonyms, it is time to vote! Some of them deserve to be on the first, second, and third places, meanwhile, some of them have the destiny to become another company’s name. Don’t worry, they will be safe and sound on the other hand. Don’t choose a name that is too vague or too informative. Consider our name: Prestige Auditors; interesting, short, easy to remember, and more important-informative.

Crown the True King of Names

Now shortlist it up to 3-5 names, and it is time to ask the audience. It can be everyone – friends, family, work environment, anyone! You can make some surveys and ask everyone to answer them, this way you will find your perfect name.  Even if you don’t want to take a survey, just ask! “Hey, does this name sound cool to you?” Remember, businesses are directed at people, and they are the perfect test subjects!

Stay away from using government entities in your business name. Do not copy your competitors, because you will be considered unoriginal, a company that lacks creativity and doesn’t have original ideas; but we both know – you have that potential, just be you and your name will sooner or later appear on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms!