To become a good entrepreneur, one should understand how business works. But that’s not the end of the story! To have a profitable business, you should first of all (despite your business idea, office and website) hire employees, have a devoted team, and only then operate a business.

Employees are the cell of your business, and without proper communication, they will never be able to deal with the tasks that you have distributed among them. Having a reputation, so-called power or dominating with the help of fear is not something employees desire or will tolerate, and you surely know about that! But how should you distribute those tasks in order to make employees do their job properly? We have a solution!

What Do You Think About Deadlines And Schedules?

We have lots of clients, and each of them operate their businesses differently. However, there is one thing that is common for each of them: they know that setting a deadline for their team is not always the answer. They know that deadlines won’t help them much in achieving their main goal because of the following reasons:

  • Even though deadlines have their advantages, they can appear to be a trick! A trick, an illusion that makes you think that you’re doing something valuable and important, when the reality is completely different. Sometimes, employees subconsciously understand that their work is somehow meaningless, and guess what happens then? They automatically lose their motivation, and all efforts go down the drain…
  • Let’s face it, sometimes you just think about getting the work done as soon as possible! That is why some of the tasks don’t need deadlines, and your team understands that. If you were an employee in a company that you know very well, wouldn’t you understand which task is urgent, and which is not?
  • Deadlines can turn the quality into quantity. Remember that all your employees, even the most devoted ones, work for you in order to gain money! This means that if you set a tough deadline that needs to be done in two days, your employee will put every single effort into the work, and will try to finish it within the established deadlines. Why? Because they want to do everything perfectly in order to save their job, and therefore, the money that comes with it. Don’t take it personally; we’re all here to dominate the field and gain money!

Schedules Can Save Your Situation!

Do you want to see how your team goes above and beyond the call of duty? Perfect! That’s what schedules are for! Pros of setting schedules are countless, but these are the main points to consider:

  • They help you prioritize the tasks, and understand all the things that eventually need to be done. This is more useful than the deadlines, since you have a freedom to organize your day, and work in a right way. If your employees have a schedule, they know when to start, when to have a break, and when to finish the last sentence. Yes, there’s a little part of deadline in schedules, but don’t be afraid! This time, it will work the way it should!
  • If you want to show your team that they are not stuck in a dead-end job, schedules will surely help you! This way, they will first of all have a perception of what they have on their hands, and what they will need to do in one or two weeks (or even months). But wait, there’s something more important! Having all that information helps not only you, but also your team feel more free, relaxed and comfortable. This, in turn, will turn your business into a cloud full of positivity and will help your business flourish!

As you can see, you can always change the way you think and the way you act towards your business. If you want to see efficiency, and not its opposite, you should properly distribute tasks. This will benefit not only create a good atmosphere in your company, but will also boost up your business. We at Prestige Auditors recommend that you change the deadline-related way of operating a business into schedule-focused operations! This will work for sure!