One of the key elements for building a successful business is keeping your business’s and personal finances separate. In this case, you will be provided with tons of benefits, including tax advantages and the ability to protect your personal assets from any possible risks. 

There is a crucial thing that you should keep in mind: your business is an independent entity which is separated both from you and your personal finances. Additionally, there are tons of reasons why you have to separate your personal finances.Today, our experts at Prestige Auditors are going to bring to your attention several reasons why you should keep your business and personal finances separate from one another.


It’s All About Your Street Cred!

One of the biggest advantages of splitting your personal and business finances is that it will help you in creating a reputable and professional image. Your main mission is to show that you take care of your business and it is not just a hobby for you.  It is better to maintain two separate bank accounts; one for business and the other one for your personal purposes. Believe us, it will help you  present yourself as a serious and trustful person in the eyes of  your business partners and future investors.


Another important reason why you have to separate your finances from each other is for tax purposes. For example, you can use the advantages of different tax deductions for small businesses.

By keeping proper documentation of your personal and business costs, you can save your time and avoid lots of nerve-wracking processes when it comes to audits. You can read this blog where we talk about the main factors which may become a reason for audits within your business. Using the advantages provided by several tax deductions is the main reason why most business owners prefer to split their finances. Additionally, by maintaining several separate finances, the possibility of receiving the IRS audit is drastically decreased. 

Business Credit!

If you intend to develop your business, but do not know how to do it, then business credits are what your business needs. But there is one “but.” If your personal and business finances are merged, the chances for obtaining business credit becomes impossible. The same goes for personal credit; moreover, you will be responsible for your business’ debts in case of defaults.


Time Is Money!

By splitting your personal and business finances, you will not only save a considerable amount of time, but also will not overpay for accountant services. Additionally, it will help you avoid unforeseen situations within your finances, which may trigger the IRS audit.


You should keep in mind that the entire process of separating your business finances from your personal ones depends on a carefully-structured business. Whether it is a sole proprietor, S corporation, or an LLC ,the separation of your finances will differ drastically. Therefore, we strictly recommend that you consult professionals like Prestige Auditors who can help you choose the right business structure in order to fully protect  both your personal assets and finances from any risks connected with your business.

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