Sometimes, people run a small business from their home without even realizing the negative consequences which may lead to privacy issues within their business. In most cases, people are operating from their home address when they have a service-oriented business, and there is no need for the clients to come to the office with a physical address. Usually, most business owners prefer to use a PO Box number instead of their home address. However, it is more preferable to have a real office with a physical address, and here is why:

Why You Need a Physical Address?

There are several reasons why having a physical address is so crucial for your business.

  • Both Trust and Credibility:  Time and time again, one out of the ten clients don’t trust owners who do not have a contact address, since they are not sure about the legitimacy of the business. They feel like the business could just disappear with no strings attached. By having a physical address for your business, you can easily get your partners’ trust and credibility for your successful business operation.
  • Image of Your Company: According to some researches, there are a huge number of home-based business in the United States, and they are successfully operating U.S. territory. However, sometimes it’s too hard to present your company in a proper way, since having a physical address adds to your company’s professional image.
  • A Place for Meetings: If the sphere of your business requires meetings with lots of people, you definitely need an office with a physical address. Of course, you can hold your meetings somewhere else or even online; however, keep in mind that it will influence your company’s credibility.

Obtaining a Physical Business Address

If you decide to build a perfect business without any gaps, obtaining a physical address can be a great asset. There are some varieties of obtaining a business address. We’ll help you understand which one suits your business more:

  • Virtual Address: This type provides you with a professional-looking mailing address and some space for holding your meetings
  • Coworking Space: This type of service provides you with both a professional mailing address and a physical address for working and holding your business meetings and conferences.
  • USPS’s Street Address for PO boxes:  The USPS provides owners with a street addressing option, with the help of which you can use both the street address and your PO Box address.
  • Mailbox Service:  If you are doing lots of shipping within your business, this service allows you to use the store’s street address along with your mailbox number.


If you decided to start your business as an LLC or a Corporation, Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Partnership, you are legally required to have a registered address in the state where you are going to run your business. In case your business is registered as an LLC and you are running your business out of your home, you need to have a registered address. If you need a registered agent address for your business, Prestige Auditors will assist you in obtaining all the necessary documentation for starting a powerful business without shortcomings.