Do any of these search terms ring a bell?

“Texas Corporation Search,” “Business entity search Texas,” “Texas entity search,” “Secretary of State Texas business entity search,” “Secretary of State of Texas.” The more lazy ones search “business entity search TX” because it appears that Texas is hard to spell!

They do?

Well, that’s because you’ve probably searched them on Google yourself when you wanted to find a specific Texas business entity.

You’re not alone!

You’re definitely not the first person to try to do a Texas business entity search or type “business name search Texas” in Google, and you definitely won’t be the last one.

In fact, if you type “Texas b” in the search bar, “Texas business name search” will definitely pop up as a top result.

So, we figured that it would be a good idea to talk about how you can carry out an entity search in Texas and why doing a business entity search in Texas could prove to be a good idea for your business.

Actually, let’s start with the last part first, just because we can!

Pick the right name!

We at Prestige Auditors have seen a lot of Texas business owners getting frustrated because they spend a ton of time choosing a name for their business, only to find out that the business name they’ve gone mad to choose, is already taken.

One way you can prevent this from happening is by doing a Texas business entity search. A lot of businesses are registered there. Try 2.7 million small businesses for good measure!

“Is it really that difficult?”

Nope, not really! Thanks to the Texas Secretary of State, the process for doing a business search in Texas has been streamlined through the Texas Secretary of State’s business name search database.

If you already know the name of the Texas business you’re looking to set up, all you need to do…is search!

If you’re an LLC, you can do a Texas LLC name search. If your LLC Texas search shows you that somebody has already picked the same name you have in mind for your business entity, pick another entity name for your business and make sure you register it.

So if somebody else is going through the same loop, they can do a Texas Secretary of State entity search and find your information there.

Sometimes, even the registered agent will show up.

Doing a thorough search will help you realize what names are available for your business and which names are enlisted under the Texas Secretary of State website.

Will doing an LLC search in Texas help me find the owners of an LLC?

It’s highly likely that a Texas SOS entity search will yield positive results and get you the information you’re looking for.

There might also be instances where you won’t find the owners of an LLC after doing a TX SOS entity search because the owners have probably spent a lot of time making sure that their names are withheld.

What about a tax ID number? Can I find that information?

If it’s registered, you might be able to. You can do what is called a “Taxable entity search”. You will be taken to a website that belongs to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, where you can enter either the entity name or a file number assigned by the Texas Secretary of State.

In case the information is registered, it might pop up. You can also do vice versa.

If for whatever reason you just have a tax ID number and want to figure out the entity, you can just go to the same directory, and find the information you’re looking for by pasting in the tax ID number.

Is there any way I can visit the Secretary of State office in Texas?

If you want to take your Texas Secretary of State business entity search to the next level, you can visit the Texas Secretary of State building in person and ask for instructions. It’s located in Austin, Texas, in the famous James E Rudder building which is regularly used for open meetings.

Actually, you can have your registered agent or secretary visit instead!

Whether you choose to visit the James E Rudder building is completely your call. Keep in mind that the Secretary of State in every U.S. state, in this case, Texas, has the online variant which most people prefer when they are doing a Texas LLC search or Texas Corporations search.

It’s less headache because you don’t have to make appointments or attend open meetings.

It’s easier online!

There are of course various other ways you can use to search business names in Texas. Even asking around can be a great way for business entity search Texas and get information about the businesses you might be looking for.

But finding one company or small business from 2.7 million others is pretty much finding a needle in a haystack.

That’s why it’s better to resort to easier searching for business entity options such as the Texas Secretary State business entity search.

Moving forward

Now that you know how to find information on businesses in Texas, you can go ahead and leverage this knowledge for your business, making sure that you don’t use the same name as another one.

If you need more information on how to set up your own business in Texas,

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