Have you ever had this feeling that you control nothing? Well, most of us had! These is normal especially for business owners who always try to manage everything all at once , think they are getting better at it, but still , at the end of the day they understand it was just the result of their imagination.

So, if you have worked 28 hours per day, and still can’t feel that control, than is article is right for you!

What’s the Cure?

We at Prestige Auditors, working with clients having business and tax-related problems, know that the best medicine is the capacity of being organized.

This Is What You Can Do…

Plan Your Social Media Strategy Now, Apply Later!

In the era of the smartphones, laptops and technology. Companies use social media as a way to promote their business and the product they sell. However, many business owners do not realize that even posting on social media needs to have a strategy and has to be planned beforehand.

Without that, you will have to spend your time on uploading posts, creating stories and making highlights. Remember, this is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of resources! Just plan your strategy, schedule the posts and campaigns that exist in your accounts, and live your life!

Document Everything!

Business is all about paperwork, don’t you agree? You constantly receive receipts and invoices, sign contracts, based on which you work with partners and grow your business. This is why you have to document everything, and have the copies of important documents!

However, if you don’t organize them properly, you will eventually lose them. This is not only something that can cause severe consequences, but it also speaks a lot about your intentions and your reputation! Just go ahead, document everything and keep them all in one certain place! Only then will you get some rest: going back to the salt mines can wait!

Bringing Some Contradictions: Forget About Papers!

Well, yes, you have to keep every document that’s important for your business, have their copies and make sure they’re kept in one place. However, everything’s not that simple! Some business owners claim that it’s easier to have a paperless life – all you have is a computer filled with documents you need.

The biggest flex about this is that you can easily search for the document you need, and find it in a couple of seconds! However, even this has its drawbacks! Computers can break, information can be erased either automatically or by you and competitors! So think twice before choosing the paperless life!

Keep Your Desktop Organized!

Everyone’s working with laptops and computers, and you know why? Because it’s easy and simple! If you don’t want to boil the ocean and spend your time wisely, you have to keep your desktop organized. If there are certain documents concerning the tax filing period, make sure you create a separate folder where you keep all the documents you need for that. At the same time, if you have decided to open up a business and already got some documents that you will need later, have a separate folder for business formation.

Apart from that, aesthetic pleasure also plays an important role while operating a business!

Audit Your Business!

To be more organized, you have to understand which aspects of your business need help and extra attention. Companies, who don’t conduct audits, usually don’t understand what exactly deteriorates their business and their metrics. At the same time, those who know how important audits are, realize that the results from the audits can help them make a decision.

For example, the company adopted measure A to grow their sales on one of the online marketplaces. However, after some time and long analysis, this company realized that this measure doesn’t work like it’s supposed to! After having conducted an audit, the company realized that all their organizational efforts were focused on the wrong thing, because of which they were breaking their backs and getting nothing!


Operating a business is easier and more appealing when you’re organized. When you understand that everything’s under control, all your tasks start “behaving” better! As a result, you fulfill all the tasks that you planned to finish by the end of the day, and you even have time to relax and spend your time however you want!

If you want to know more about business audits, eCommerce taxation, Amazon tax exempt and Walmart tax exempt status, contact us now! We know that operating a business demands hard-work and determination, and that’s why we are ready to help you out!