Sales Tax Analysis

  • What is Tax Exemption?

    Our services for sales tax analysis are designed to help our clients meet the IRS requirements concerning thresholds and economical nexus laws. We analyze our clients' business structure and conduct forecasts of their sales to deduce whether the business needs to acquire a resale certificate in a particular state, thus ensuring that our clients can circumvent heavy state fines.
    Standard Package
    Per this package, we will perform a one-time analysis for our clients. The analysis is made once per package, and the package needs to be renewed should further analysis be needed.
    Premium Package
    We have designed this one-year membership package for sellers who are willing to acquire subscriptions for monthly updates in threshold and economical nexus law analysis and are looking to become tax-exempt in necessary states due to certain state requirements for current sales and tracking.
    If you are a reseller with rapidly growing sales, we recommend subscribing to our monthly analysis, as a high volume of sales may affect exceeding thresholds in a short period of time, posing risk of being fined by the government.


    Please choose a plan for your sales tax analysis

    *As sales tax analysis is individual to each business, we will be in touch with you to inquire about your business information.