We’re all here because we want to open up a new business, finish with business entity documentation, hire employees and finally, get to work! Let’s imagine that all these steps are already made, you have your own operating business, and after all this time, you seem to be in high spirits, because you know, nothing succeeds like success!

…And suddenly, a severe virus comes out of China and spreads all around the world, so what should your business do about that? Closing the office for a certain period of time is not an option, but keeping it opened is not as well; what if the virus wants to intervene and ruin your plans? But finally, you make the most difficult decision of your life, and close the office, until everything seems right; because your health is more important than that, after all!

And now, it’s already October, everyone is sick and tired of the virus. Everyone wants to go out for a walk, and even to work! You feel that it’s the perfect time to open up the office, and now you’re here, standing in the middle of the office, awkwardly looking at your employees, and not knowing what to say! Sounds similar? We’ll help with that!

Remind them What It’s Like to Work in The Office!

Let’s be honest: people got used to internet, Wi-Fi and online chats, they’re not used to free communication. That’s why you, as the business owner, should remind them what it’s like to work in the office. Be free and transparent with your employees; if they feel warmth (but not too much), sincerity and friendliness, they will be more motivated to work for a person like you!

Don’t Let Them Be Alone!

No, you obviously don’t want to become the psychologist of the office, and that’s completely normal. But if you want to maintain a good relationship with your employees, you can ask them about their family, other jobs (if there are any), and so forth. It’s like getting the best of both worlds, you motivate your worker, understand their personality and distribute assignments accordingly. This way your business will be managed in a more productive and efficient way!

Be Sincere!

Don’t be afraid of sincerity; it’s a helpful tool if you know how to use it. During the pandemic, everyone is confused and you are not an exception; so don’t worry about your possible confusion. You can be honest with your employees about your plans, or about the fact that you don’t have a plan for this situation…yet! Just show them that they’re in good hands, and that after some time, your business will have a renewed, renovated and modernized business plan!

Business is all about words, actions and money. If you choose the right words, the right gesticulation and facial expressions, your employees will automatically trust you, even if you don’t trust yourself!

Here’s a tip from Prestige Auditors: if you, just like any other business, suffered from pandemic, it would be a great idea to conduct a business audit, and detect possible gaps that your business has. We’re now living in the times of Coronavirus, so we should adapt our business according to the modern world we’re living in! If you choose us, we will audit your business and help you deal with damages that the pandemic caused. Stay safe and healthy, we will take care of the rest!