Have you experienced those days when you do nothing and blame yourself for that? Or maybe days when you apparently try doing everything by the book but in the end of the day understand that nothing was actually accomplished? In both cases, you feel unproductive and idle! And what’s even more, sometimes it happens because of being emotionally and physically exhausted, and not because of laziness or unwillingness to work.

Horrible things happen when you are wholeheartedly committed to your work, meanwhile your efforts mean nothing. You always work, you always try to accomplish your tasks but in vain… Yes, this is the worst scenario that can happen to anyone.

Being Unproductive in Business

Let’s be honest, starting or operating your  own business  can be exhausting. You are always running here and there, trying to manage every single task that you set for yourself. Things are even worse when you’re only starting a business and you need to do everything at once – get all the necessary documents, sign papers, find a good web developer and so forth… Yeah, we know!

This is why people in business are getting exhausted so often. This money-spinning field has its cons, we have to agree with that! So, if you decide to engage yourself in the world of business affairs, you need to know certain tricks that will boost your productivity!

Are You a Non-Stop or Take-a-Break Person?

Even though the way people work is highly individual, most studies prove that taking a break during your work hours is necessary for your brain to relax. If you do your work without taking a short break, you will get easily tired and your brain will need a longer period of time to relax and continue the work. Some scientists even say that taking a short 15 minutes nap will help your brain restart and return to its normal activities!

The nature of breaks is also individual. You can either go for a 15-20-minute walk, take a nap or simply eat some snacks to supply your body with energy. Everything depends on you and your habits. But there’s one thing that you should know about breaks: many scientists claim that using your phone during breaks is not the best idea, because your brain doesn’t really relax. Of course, when you use your phone, you relax your muscles, entertain yourself and forget about that tedious work for 15 minutes, but is it really that good? Even though you think it helps you reduce stress and unwind a bit, your brain doesn’t think so! Even human evolution can’t make your brain relax while using a blue-light gadget!

Drink Water

If you’re dealing with taxes, making important decisions or simply doing your everyday tasks, you lose energy every time you do something. But did you know that supplying your body with snacks is not enough? Our bodies always dehydrate when it comes to working, so drinking a cup of water is a really good idea!

What’s more, cold water is often better than coffee! When cold water enters your body, it stimulates the production of adrenaline, which as you know, causes a person to have more energy. However, if you choose coffee, you will eventually experience increased alertness, and therefore anxiety! This will in turn affect your productivity, and all your efforts will be lost!

Forget About Multitasking!

Even though multitasking looks like a good way to manage all your tasks, it can lead to dangerous consequences! From our perspective, distractions and low quality are the synonyms of multitasking, because of which we are against this phenomenon.

Of course, multitasking can help you boost your efficiency and it makes you more flexible and adaptable, that’s not a secret! However, we at Prestige Auditors think that the business world requires concentration and attentiveness. You have to be literally absorbed in what you do: otherwise, you will miss an important number, event or meeting. While multitasking in the business world, you can confuse two different projects and use the wrong data, or what’s even worse, you risk failing all the tasks that you were trying to finish at the same time…

Our specialists at Prestige Auditors know how difficult it is to work in a business environment and be always productive. However, we assure you that there’s nothing easier than that! If you follow certain tips, create your own productiveness-strategy and start acting, you will see how productivity increases and how satisfied you become!