Every business owner, especially those with a startup, sooner or later have to start preparing for their pitch presentation. Otherwise called as “Pitch Desk,” it is a 10-20 slide presentation which is aimed at showing your audience your business plan, future arrangements, strategies and methods. This is usually made to impress, fascinate and attract potential investors.

However, not every business owner knows the secrets to a perfect pitch presentation, because of which they usually fail, or otherwise, lose their investors. Since each penny counts, we should know everything about this presentation, about our audience, and of course, about our language and verbal communication!

“The trick is to understand that you are simply talking with your audience, sharing your thoughts. You’re not arguing. You’re not selling. You’re having a conversation. You’re giving them a gift.” 

Verbal Communication is Important!

Since you’re talking to real people, to real humans who are able to invest in your business, you should know your presentation by heart. This means that apart from knowing the slides inside out, you should know what you are going to say. Everything depends on your business’ nature and of course, on the people that will be listening to you.

For example, if you’re planning to open up an IT company, you’re probably used to IT jargon. Yeah, we know Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency, Data Breach and so forth, we don’t understand it! Investors are most probably people who have no interest in the geeky technicality of things. Make sure your speech goes along with your audience.

“Great presenters tell stories. We all love stories. Stories that have a beginning, a middle and an end. Stories that grab our attention right away and hold it all the way to the end.”

Always Keep the Balance

You can find the basics in every business book. For example, everyone knows that pitch presentation consists of introduction, team description, problems, advantages, solutions and so much more. However, we have noticed that most of the people think that the dilemma is more important than the resolution. They think that people are more concerned about their everyday problems; that discussing their problems with others is good, even enjoyable. However, it’s not!

Focus on the key of your presentation. Show your audience that you are the new super-hero, who will help millions of people relieve their stress and solve their everyday issues.

“He eliminated the obvious solution and took the audience by the hand, leading them to a point where the only possible solution had to be his. Sell the idea of the work, then sell the work.”

Start, Finish, Rest, Repeat!

Before the presentation, you should practice. At first, present your business plan in front of the mirror. You should see yourself while talking to analyze your mimics, gestures and behavior. Be the best version of yourself: at the end of the day, who will estimate you better than yourself? If you’re still not comfortable with your pitch, go ahead and present it to your colleagues, friends or family.  Predict all the questions that can be asked during your presentation, and try to find the answers.

Now that you know what to do for a perfect pitch, don’t wait for a perfect moment, just start creating it! Be creative and self-confident, because with the help of the money you’re fighting for, you’ll reach your wildest and seemingly impossible dreams! Contact us for more information on business formation, tax exemption and business audits – everything can help you grow and develop your business!