To become the future Apple, Amazon or eBay, you should first of all choose a business entity that will perfectly suit your business and your personal characteristics. This is a new and responsible step towards having a profitable business, and if you do something wrong, you should do everything from the very beginning, from square one!

In a previous blog we thoroughly described why choosing a business entity can lead to unwanted consequences, broken dreams and lost efforts! And here’s why you should consult with a professional service like Prestige Auditors even if there is a slight hesitation, doubt or uncertainty in you!

Why You Need Help

Today, we’re going to talk about LLCs, and why you shouldn’t open an LLC without professional help, what damages you can face and what can actually happen!

  1. As you know, LLC stands for Limited Liability Company which helps business people protect their personal liability and personal assets. So, if you did research and found out that a Limited Liability Company is what you really need for your business, you should at first prepare all your documentation and start the hard process of filing Articles of Organization! This document not only includes such things as name, description and mailing address, but also proper information about your LLC’s structure and arrangements. By saying this we mean information about managers, officers and of course, company owners. Because of this document, many of our clients have suffered a lot, and the reason for that was the lack of proper information! Most of our clients have included unnecessary information, by leaving out the most sufficient and compulsory information that one may need for the LLC formation process! And this is only the first reason why you should create your business with the help of our specialists, and not alone!
  2. To form a legally correct and profitable business, you sold hire a registered agent who will accept legal documents and notices on behalf of your company, if you yourself are not physically available. How to choose a registered agent? Are there any criteria that you should follow to find the perfect registered agent for your business? This is when professionals like us come to the stage, create a business entity, and find a registered agent for you; do you still want to open up a business alone?
  3. Papers don’t mean anything if you don’t take steps to turn your legally created LLC into a real and practical Limited Liability Company. It’s not only about Articles of Organization and registered agents, it’s about taking your LLC seriously and considering it as a real and separate entity for you. You should open bank accounts, sign operating agreements and so much more, which is almost impossible to handle without a partner or a professional company like Prestige Auditors!

In order to become successful and competitive, you should at first have a good Limited Liability Company. Remember, it’s not about the papers, if it was so, everyone would have a money-making company, which is as you know, not true! Just know that Prestige Auditors are waiting for your call, trust us and in a short period of time, you’ll have your newly formed business at your own hands, at your disposal!