It is hard to believe, but 2020 is finally over! However, time does not stop and 2021’s end will be right around the bend as well, sooner than most of us think! We figured we’d start the year sooner and prepare you for the next holiday before the season even ends!


Each of us fully understands that the upcoming holiday season is going to be completely different from another year due to the world-wide situations like the pandemic. Some of us are going to celebrate the holidays virtually if the pandemic does not end, while the others might completely cancel all their holiday plans. However, regardless of the fact whether you are going to celebrate the holidays or not, one thing remains unchangeable: GIFTS!


Let’s agree that there is nothing more fascinating than walking around eye-catching malls and buying Christmas presents for your loved ones. However, you can be so obsessed with this process, that you will not notice how much damage you cause to your already-small budget.


Therefore, it is better to approach this process more consciously and with full responsibility. That’s why our writers at Prestige Auditors have prepared several useful tips on how to make your loved ones happy without going broke!


Wake Up the Little Chef Inside of You!


None of us likes to spend hours by the stove, trying to make different dishes for the holiday dinner. Of course, it is easier to order a meal from your favorite restaurant and just serve it, but let’s break the usual rules and act differently. You can devote a little time and find useful videos or recipes of tasty dishes and surprise everyone with a home-cooked meal. It is better to create a shopping list of necessary ingredients and start your shopping in advance. Believe us, this way you will much more money and spend a really good time by trying to translate your culinary dreams into reality! On top of that, you will circumvent those heavy taxes that restaurant owners slap on each dish!


 About Budget

One of the most important aspects referring to holidays, is a carefully planned budget. That’s because it can be a direct key to success. Again, make a list of gifts, decorations, and other products that you have to buy for the upcoming holidays. It will help you understand how much money you are going to spend and how much you will have left.


It is a general rule that the best gift is a handmade gift! So, this year you can escape from buying lots of expensive products and try to amaze your lovely ones with handmade gifts. Believe us, that a simple homemade card might please your friend more than an expensive item from the shop. All you need to do is just to make each of the presents personalized. Another way of cutting costs, is referring to decorations. If you are not going to meet many guests during this holiday, then it is better to save money on various Christmas decorations and spend this money somewhere else, for example saving it for later! Again, don’t forget about the taxes you’ll avoid!


Planning Ahead!

Due to the active spreading of Covid-19 well into 2021 and new stay-at-home orders, most people still prefer to shop more online. Even if 2021 sees a decline in the pandemic, people will still stick to online purchases. Therefore, even in 2021, it will be better to order all the necessary products and gifts in advance, since there might be delays in shipping. Start ordering before the craze in order to avoid paying too much money for fast shipping later on. However, if you are planning to buy your Christmas products from physical stores, you should rush things, because you’ll face a long line of buyers full of shopping carts.


The Combination of Safety and Joy!

In spite of the harm and trouble that Covid-19 has brought into our lives, we have to see positive aspects of this issue too. First, we have the opportunity to devote ourselves to our hobbies or self-education. Second, now we can spend more time with our families, and devote more time to our children and parents.

In either case, it is better to develop your financial goals ahead of time, especially if your income falls for whatever reason!

Prestige Auditors is always ready to assist you in all your financial issues. Contact us with any questions concerning taxes, finances, or investment, or maybe, or setting up a new business, and we will provide you with full guidance on how to put your finances on the right track!