People often ask about our company: who we are and what we do to help business owners. Well, it’s pretty easy to answer to that question, because we’re everything every successful business wants and needs! For example, can you name at least one company that hasn’t formed its business entity? You can’t, because this is one of the fundaments for every company that you know.

Even though our services help different people realize their dreams and reach their goals, we feel that nowadays businesses need our help more than ever! Why? It’s because of Covid-19, pandemic that turned the world upside down!

How We Can Help

We’re doing everything that is possible to help business owners open their business, create their business entity, audit their company and so much more. Sometimes, we even go above and beyond the call of duty if it is needed to accomplish the goals we set with our clients. But if you want to know what exactly we can do to help, let’s have a closer look to our services!

Business Entity Formation

Some people say that opening up a business in the days of Corona is a great idea, and we agree with that! It’s the perfect time to find a problem that exists in the market, and give a solution to that! Apart from that, because of the current situation we all have switched to online meetings and conferences. This saves not only our time, but also the money that we would spend on travelling.

See? It’s the perfect time to start your business now, and we will help you with that.  Even though there’s no accounting for taste, choosing a business entity is another story! Together with us, you’ll have a properly chosen business entity, which matches up with your business needs, and of course, the current situation!

Tax Exemption, Sales Tax Analysis

Because of the pandemic, many people lost their job, money and all the efforts that were put in their business. Economy was not in good shape as well! This is why most businesses are afraid of additional expenses and expenditures!

If you’re one of those who want to avoid unnecessary expenses (part of which is double-taxation), you should get your tax exempt status now! If in first case you’re getting your tax exempt status and avoid double-taxation, in case of Sales Tax Analysis you’ll be able to avoid heavy state fines!

ITIN Acquisition

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is a tax processing number issued by the IRS. ITIN is for those who are required to have a U.S. taxpayer identification number but who are not eligible to obtain, a Social Security number.

If in times of Covid-19 you need to finance a car, open US bank accounts, get tax exempt and so forth, you’ll undoubtedly need an ITIN. Guess who can help you? Just contact us and you’ll get your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number without any problems!

Business Audits

Businesses that know their mistakes are always holding all the aces in the entire industry. This is the reason each and every business should have their company properly audited. Without this, problems will gradually knock on your company’s door and  ruin everything you worked on so far. In this case, we can certainly say that failure of your business was an accident waiting to happen!

Covid-19 has affected not only our health, but also our normal business operations. If you want to know what exactly was affected, you should audit your business and fix the inaccuracies as fast as it’s possible!

If you’re one of those business owners who want to save their business from collapse, you can always contact our service and get the help that you need and deserve. Covi-19 is indeed dangerous, but so do we! If we combine our strength we will win not only the pandemic, but also our competitors!