Remember when we were talking about owing money to the IRS? Well, this is the sequel!

The IRS, or Internal Revenue Service of the United States, keeps sending notices to taxpayers who owe money; and honestly, we have seen many people who automatically start panicking and losing their control because of possibly nothing! That’s why we decided to give you even more tips on what you can do to come out of this seemingly bad situation, and enjoy your life (even if you’re still paying taxes)!

In our previous blog, we thoroughly described the first five steps that you should take when receiving letters from the IRS, and luckily, we have some more! Today, we will show you what you can do if your spouse acts fraudulently, how you can deal with information in IRS letters, and why you might need help from professionals like us at Prestige Auditors!

I’m Not Paying, You’re Paying!

As we already said in our previous article, even the Internal Revenue Service makes mistakes and becomes confused. For example, if your significant other, your (ex) wife or (ex) husband did something fishy and were occupied in underhanded financial agreements, your bills and taxes can be affected and deteriorated! That’s why the IRS gives you the opportunity to request Innocent Spouse Relief, according to which you’ll become “relieved of responsibility for paying tax, interest, and penalties if your spouse (or former spouse) improperly reported items or omitted items on your tax return.”

Document Everything You See, Touch and Hear!

Documents have always helped people prove their honesty and truthfulness. Apart from that, you’ll automatically become even more organized if you have documents at hand. Papers spread across the table can annoy and confuse anyone, and that’s why you’ll have to organize them and make sure you have each and every document with you!

You can always use this tip, especially when you receive notices from the IRS. If you want to check the accuracy of the information that the letter contains, you can always use your documents where you record your each and every step that you may take. As we already said, the IRS makes mistakes and can send the wrong information, or the wrong amount of money that you owe. Just check your documents and you’ll find out possible mistakes!

Help is What You Need!

Dealing with taxes is not only annoying, but also very dangerous if you don’t know how to cope with them. That’s why many taxpayers choose hiring a third-party tax consultant that can help them. No matter what tax you’re dealing with (it can be income tax, sales tax and so forth), it’s always better to have a professional opinion on your side, in order not to mess up your bills, finances, and even business.

As we said, paying taxes is unavoidable, unless we’re talking about tax exemption and tax exemption certificates! If you’re a reseller and want to continue your selling career without Sales Taxes, contact us and we will exempt you from these unnecessary obligations! We will conduct a sales tax analysis, get you a tax exemption certificate and so much more. Just visit our website, and you’ll understand what we have to offer your business!