Starting an e-commerce business is an important chapter for every seller who decides to shift to another area, where everything is bought and sold via the internet. Building an e-commerce business requires not only business entity formation or financial resources, it is also about the name of the business, which will pull numerous e-commerce customers towards you.

When speaking of names, one should know about DBAs and their importance. In one of our previous blogs, we explored all the corners of DBA, which is also known as a fictitious name, trade name, or assumed name.

Turning briefly to the DBA, it is worth mentioning that it allows your business to operate under a name that differs from your own legal name. This is extensively used among Sole Proprietorships, which want to see a creative name on their stores, rather than their own ones. If you use a catchy name that gets stuck in people’s minds, it’s a win for you!

How Should You File a DBA?

The first thing you should do is select your state, where you will be operating. This is important because every U.S. state is a sovereign entity in its own right, which means they have the power to create laws and regulate them according to their needs. As you’ve probably figured it out, DBA laws and guidelines are different in each state, and if you are in Kansas, New Mexico, or South Carolina, you cannot file DBA. Told you, U.S. states are apples and oranges!

Check Your Name

Names are important, and every seller knows about that. Even though the human mind has no boundaries, sometimes our ideas may overlap, thereby resulting in repetitions which you should undeniably avoid. Make sure your name is unique and is not the same or even similar to another registered business in the state you will be working in. Some sellers even use name generators, which help them find the most suitable and presentable name for their business. However, if you are an old-school person, you’ll have to choose your name all by yourself!

Register DBA, and Voila!

For this, you should register your DBA with the state or depending on your location; you may need to handle this process with the county/city clerk’s office. As we already said, states are different, and so are their laws. Some states require newcomer e-commerce sellers to register a DBA with more than one level of government.

How Much?

In our previous DBA post, we dedicated a small paragraph to the DBA filing and its cost. The price is relatively low. Getting a DBA will give you the opportunity to finally decide your e-commerce business’s destiny because much depends on it.

In short, this is all you should do to have a name you have always dreamt of, and as luck would have it, it is so easy to do. We know that setting up an e-commerce business seems like a dreadful process; however, Prestige Auditors will carry that burden up what seems like a never-ending uphill battle. Contact us now for consultations and a unique set of eCommerce business solutions!