Forming a new business is a terrific experience, especially when you have a reliable partner like Prestige Auditors who helps you throughout the process of business formation and even conducts business store audits. In our everyday practice, we realize that new businesses, especially eCommerce businesses, become even more successful when they know about everything skyrocketing business needs. Every business needs proper market research and thorough analysis to better plan the roadmap of a profitable eCommerce business, and one of the best options to do so is to have a business feasibility report. Luckily for you, our staff is the best at it and will provide you with the answer to many questions every new business has.

Seems Feasible to Us!

Now, what is a Business Feasibility Report, and why do you need it? Business feasibility reports are analyses of a proposed venture or project, which dive into various fields of the market and detect the description of the idea or project, market analysis, competition, technical issues, the structure of the organization, and the financial projections.

This report contains various phases:

Phase #1

The first phase of this report includes a description of the products that are worth selling. This report will showcase all the types and features of these particular products, the exact timeframe that you would spend on the preparation and implementation of the products, together with the time it will take to reach cost-effective production. You and your business will know how and out of what you can make a big profit. 

Phase #2

When the products are properly chosen, the designated team of skilled professionals will analyze the market, identify the target market segments by allowing you and your business to concentrate your efforts on one or a few key segments, and will also describe the range and size of the industry. The report will estimate the future demand for products and services. 

Phase #3

One of the best parts of the business feasibility report is the one about competition since this is what pushes you to achieve more. The report will identify the competitors and show you all the obstacles that stand on the way of entering the market. 

Phase #4

Now let’s talk about some technical stuff, which gives the impression of something trivial and unimportant, without which no business will survive. The study will spot the type, size, and location of production facilities, together with all the necessary features such as equipment, distribution areas, buildings, inventory requirements, and everything you need to make the business worth its salt.

Phase #5

Moreover, your business will never get lost in the maze of e-commerce, since the feasibility report will help you with the human resources, and understand what and who your business needs to make its steps with flying colors. 

Phase #6

Everything in this world has an outcome and the more you know about it, the easier it will be to operate a cut-throat business. It’s not a secret that every business wants to have some big profit, and for that, they need some accurate sales, profits, expenses, and cash flow predictions. Reports can even include alternative sources of funds, such as bank loans.

In short, a Feasibility report is what your business needs to have the best products, on the best platform, for the best customers, and the biggest profit. Big business starts small, but Prestige Auditors will make your small steps bigger every day, and soon you will enjoy the profit flying straight to your pockets, and the customers purchasing your products leaving positive feedback all across the board!