Let’s be honest, we’re surrounded by stereotypes. They have an enormous impact on how we feel, how we think and how we act. Because of them, we lose our motivation, our drive and enthusiasm to do things. We get lost in questions and are scared to try, because the stereotype told us so! Business, just like any industry, is full of stereotypes, and guess what? So many people lose their chance because of this!

Do you even know how many genius minds this industry loses every day? Some of them are simply afraid of the difficulties which are, by the way, common for each industry in this world. So, if you want to succeed, don’t be afraid to fail. You should be afraid of your fears of failure, and not of stereotypes.

 “You’re Too Old for That!”

If you’ve heard this phrase, do not worry. Statistically, people decide to open their own business between the ages of 40 and 60, because they are stuck in routine, and don’t know what else they can do! But don’t concentrate on that! If you’re younger or older than the 40-60 range, or if you belong to this scope, leave the business formation process to us, and soon, you’ll enjoy the results, regardless of age.

As you can already understand, age does not matter in business! No one is too old to identify a problem, and no one is too young to find a solution. You just have to be creative, problems occur every single day for all ages!

“Go Get a Degree”

Everyone says that having an education (mostly business education) will make you a better entrepreneur. However, it’s not a dogma at all! It’s scientifically proven that education doesn’t matter in the long run. Just think about Mark Zukerberg: he dropped out of Harvard, and created Facebook; Evan Williams, studied for one year and then left the university. He is now the CEO of Twitter; Henry Ford, who lived in total poverty, became one of the richest men of the automotive industry.

Do you need more examples? See, even the most important, the richest and the most popular people of the world didn’t need an education: they knew how the industry works.  You just have to develop your business skills, and feel business in all its diversity! That being said, we do not proactively preach against education! What we mean to say, is that being educated in business will not necessarily make you a successful businessperson!

“Are You Ready?”

Business is a dynamique field, where everything changes in the blink of an eye. Even if you were “ready” to create your business, you would question everything right after the first change in this industry. So, business does not recognize preparations, arrangements and measures. “Every day spent procrastinating is another day spent worrying about that thing. Do it now, and move on with your life!”

If you’re afraid of stereotypes, contact us at Prestige Auditors. Stereotypes are meant to be broken, and we will do that for you. Our specialists will help you form a business, prepare all the necessary documents and start a new life with your new business! This is something to be proud of, don’t let your fear win over you!