Practically each of us has worked for someone, and that’s the period people either adore or hate. However, working from someone gives us enough experience and knowledge, which in turn leads us to achieve our goals and objectives. So, don’t hate your superiors for blaming you for every single mistake, even if they were real monsters! Now you have the experience some can only dream of, and if you want to succeed, you need to use it in the right way!

So, if you’re already tired of working for someone and not for yourself, it’s time to open up your own business, where you will be your own boss! Being your own “person in charge,” “superior” or “boss” is also called self-employment, and this article will tell you more about this phenomenon!


Roughly speaking, if everything relies on you and no one can tell you what to do you are self-employed! However, this is not as easy as it is! Being a self-employed business owner is a huge responsibility, and if you decide to set up this type of business, you need to understand each and every nuance of this field!


You’re Free to Choose Your Working Place

You are surely tired of working in an office, on uncomfortable chairs and desks that don’t fit your height, aren’t you? This is a perfect opportunity for you to use your home, cabinet, coach or comfortable café to work and enjoy the process. What’s better than drinking a warm cup of coffee while working laying on the couch? Nothing!

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “autonomy is the biggest reward. They are able to make their own decisions, such as what kind of work they do, whom they do it for, where and when they do it—and even how much to pay themselves.”

Working Hours at Your Disposal

Working place is not the only thing that you can choose while being self-employed. With the help of this type of business, you will be able to choose your own working hours – when you should work and when you can have a break with croissants and coffee. This way you will see the bigger picture of your schedule, which will in turn help you be relieved, comforted and of course, organized.

Salary Goes to You!

As we already said, you decide how much to pay yourself, and that’s perfect! While working in the office, have you ever thought that you deserve a better and a higher salary? Have you thought about your boss who doesn’t value your work and efforts? Well, that won’t happen again!

You are in charge of the money you earn, and you are in charge of the money you get! As you can see, everything’s up to you in the world of self-employed business owners, you just have to understand how much money you truly deserve and how much money should go to other expenses!

Tax Advantages for the Self-Employed

You certainly know about tax deductions and what they mean to people who operate a business. But did you really know that you can claim your business expenses while being self-employed? That changes everything, right?

In other words, if there’s anything that is acquired for your business and for its growth, you can use some tax deductions. If the products, assets or services that you purchase are connected to your business and to the way you get your taxable income, they automatically become tax deductible. Why? Because business expenses can be claimed, and that’s wonderful! It can be anything: starting from marketing services to cars and other assets, everything can be deducted!

You Choose Your Partners

There’s nothing better than working with people who understand and share your ideas. However, this is not always possible when working in the office, since you are not the one who hires employees! Now that you are your own boss, you can decide who you are working with and when. You know those people who always give you up? Now you can eliminate the chance of working with this kind of person since you choose them based on your personal criteria!

This was the first part of the article “Being Self-Employed: Is It Really That Bad?” In the next part, we will talk about all those disadvantages that self-employed business owners face, and only then you will be able to build your opinion. Read this and the next article about self-employment, and tell us, is it really that bad, and do you want to have your own business?