Any audit aims to help you detect the issues in those companies that are producing Amazon-branded products. If you have decided to become a supplier of Amazon, think twice, since Amazon has a strict requirement for its suppliers concerning social responsibility audits. 

All Amazon suppliers have to submit an Amazon-approved audit in their facilities.  

Before starting your eCommerce business, you have to submit an audit from an approved industry association or conduct an Amazon-Managed Audit.

What you can expect from the audit:

  • The inspection of your entire website
  • Confidential interviews with your employees
  • Analysis of all the documentation for assessing your employee’s ages, contracts, working hours, and conditions in the workplace

Try to be completely transparent with your auditors and do not hide any information, since they will find out either way. Grant them access to your facilities, documentation, and employees. Try to be completely honest in order to avoid further issues. If auditors detect shortcomings within your business, you will have to provide them with a detailed remediation plan for each separate issue.

How to Prepare for the Audit

  • Try to be open and transparent
  • Try to identify all the gaps in your working condition, and build everything in accordance with Amazon requirements
  • Ensure that the information in your documentation is a complete match. Sometimes it is better to admit your guilt, than fool Amazon 
  • Prepare all your staff about the audit in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances 

Industry Association Audit

Industry Associated Audits are third-party social compliance initiatives and multi-stakeholder programs, which are especially popular among brands.

The following industry Associations are accepted by Amazon for the Audits:

If you submit facility certifications or self-assessments, it will not work. You can only provide an audit which was conducted by one of the above-mentioned associations since it will prove that your company meets all the requirements of the qualification.

We retain the right to determine whether an audit demonstrates that a facility meets our requirements. We will review the audit report, and inform you if the results meet our standards. If not, you will need to submit a follow-up audit demonstrating that any findings have been resolved.

Amazon Managed Audit

Amazon Managed Audits are conducted by authorized third-party audit companies. Amazon is exceptionally working with professional auditors for evaluating the working process. 

Sometimes Amazon may send you a notification before conducting an audit.

  • All the buildings mentioned in business licenses, including warehouses and living quarters, will be checked by auditors.
  • Applicable documents with your employees must be provided.
  • All your employees will be interviewed, that’s why all your staff should be available during the audit.

Amazon audits can last a few days; in most cases, it depends on the size of your organization. Once the audit is finished, you will be notified about the results. If there are any issues within your business, you have to implement corrective measures as soon as possible. Amazon will provide you with the Corrective Action Plan. 

Given the fact that you do not know when Amazon decides to conduct an audit in your company, it is better to prepare for it. Prestige Auditors can help you in this process, along with many more eCommerce business solutions. During the shortest period, we can easily find all the gaps within your business, and handle all the issues, nipping them in the bud. All you have to do is to concentrate on your business.