It’s hardly surprising that before doing anything in our lives we first of all think of the cost. Money is what we’re thinking about every single day, because without it, we simply won’t proceed. It’s because of the almighty dollar that we strive to open up a new business, make money and become successful. Because of the money we fall into serious arguments, are summoned to court, or sent to prison. Because of it our plans are matched with the exact amount of money that we’re going to spend. And finally, we all want to make a change, and somehow, these changes are almost always estimated in money.

This is why most of clients first of all ask about the expenses that they will make when working with us, and whether it’s better to form a business entity alone or not. We, of course, won’t give you a specific answer, because that’s not up to us. You have to make your own decision by weighing ups and downs, profits and losses, advantages and disadvantages. Thus, we will show you both sides of the medal, after which you will decide…


Opening up a new business, and especially an LLC, is always time-consuming and tiring. We’ve seen many tired faces who come to us and ask us for professional help, but still, there is a big advantage of working alone!

Truth is, working alone saves you some money, and that’s not a secret to anyone these days. It’s pretty obvious that compared to a person who works with a professional service, you will spend less money, and save more. You won’t spend your money on attorneys, on services that will do everything on their own, and then, charge you money. In reality, it’s truly possible to direct everything alone, if you don’t doubt your abilities, of course…


Even though you can theoretically form your business alone, we would like to show you the dark side of the matter.

The downside of creating your own business entity alone is way bigger than its advantage. If you want to save your money on “more important” things, you will have to become not only the owner, but also your own registered agent of the business. This is a real threat for your business, and of course, for your privacy. We even have an article dedicated to it!

First of all, you have to understand that being your own registered agent is a big responsibility! You should accept legal documents and notices on behalf of your business, for which you have to be mentally ready.

As we said, it is a threat for your privacy, and now we will explain why! If you are working from home, you will have to provide your home address as your “working place”. A public address doesn’t guarantee a safe living, does it? This is one of the most frequent reasons why people choose to work with a professional service, because you know, privacy is more important than dollars…

If you want to know more about registered agents, and why you should not become your own, you can always visit our website and read the blog dedicated to it. Now that you know what pluses and minuses there are when you choose to set up your business entity alone, go ahead and make your decision! If you choose us, we guarantee a happy and cost-effective cooperation, and of course, a newly formed and promising business! But if you don’t, you can always visit our blog section and educate yourself.