We all know how hard it was without automation, technologies, artificial intelligence and all that stuff which made our life much easier. What would we do without social media, online websites, and online stores that we use nowadays? Well, we can only presume: luckily, we have everything, and we should use them as wise as we can to make the best out of the things that we are given!

But did you know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely used in the world of business? Everything, including marketing is connected to the world of the brainless masterminds, and as a result, business owners succeed and develop their company. Want to know how they do that? Than read this blog, and make sure you save it for your later reads and researches!

AI – Your Customer Service Friend

Do you want to improve your customer service by welcoming AI to your team? Then you have made the right choice! With the help of artificial intelligence, you can create chatbots that will help your customers orientate and adapt to the interface of your website. The majority of customers confess that websites are sometimes so knotty that they can’t find the section, product or service they’re looking for. And what’s more interesting, they admit that using a chatbot helps them a lot, especially when they’re using the website for the first time!

At first, chatbots were not as upgraded as they are now, as a result of which customers didn’t consider them efficient or resourceful. However now, AI can turn your business into a magical source of income and customers!

Emailing is AI’s Thing!

Robots, artificial intelligence and other combinations are already making this world a pretty fantastic place to live in, don’t you agree? With simple codes and some type of information, AI can market your business in a way no ordinary human would never do! But how?


Emails are one of the most effective ways to market your business, attract more clients, show them your new products, and inform them about the discounts that are currently on your store.

First of all, AI takes into account all the features of your customers, their actions and online behavior. Their every “click” contributes to the knowledge of AI about them. If they know your customers, they will relevantly send the information to certain people, with certain interests.

What’s more surprising, AI even knows the perfect time for sending emails. Would you, as a customer, read an email late at night when all you want is to sleep? Of course not! AI thinks so too, and dives even deeper! It analyzes all the dates of the potential customer, identifies the most active periods, and only then sends those emails. Pretty cool, right?

Who is Your Customer?

Artificial Intelligence is a handy too, especially during business formation. When you form a business, you always need to identify your customer segment, do your own market research, and create a business plan.  But what if we told you that you can trust identifying customers to artificial intelligence? Yes, that’s possible!

AI, considering all the information you give, does its own analysis and helps you identify your customers. But if you already have a business, and your own website, artificial intelligence can scan all the product pages that your customers viewed, their carts, what they put in them, at what time exactly they decide to shop, and so much more!


We love artificial intelligence, but we never forget that AI can still make mistakes. After all, it was made by humans! Even though their system is almost perfect, they are also capable of errors and glitches, just like we, the people who make manual mistakes! So please, if you’re ready to trust artificial intelligence, trust to some extent only!

“You just can’t differentiate between a robot and the very best of humans,” and sometimes that’s completely true, you saw it yourself! However, sometimes, AI can’t help you as much as people do, especially when it comes to business audits. If you feel that your business operations need a fresh opinion from an independent professional company, just let us know, and we will have your business upgraded in an extremely short period of time!

P.S. Of course, artificial intelligence is not the same thing as automation, but these two are actually very similar to each other. If you want to know more about the automated world, just read this blog now!