Hello dear entrepreneurs,

We continue bringing to your attention the answers to the most common questions concerning business taxes. If you have missed the first part of our blog, you should definitely go to our website and read it first.  That’s because in the first part of this blog, we have covered 5 questions concerning business taxes; today, we are going to answer 5 more questions regarding business taxes.

Question #6 What Is My Break-even Point?

Generally, your break-even point comes when your sales equal your costs. Once you break even, that means your total revenue is enough to cover your business costs. It is an essential part within your business, since it allows pricing both your products and services. Additionally, it will help you set a budget, control your finances, and set a pricing strategy.

Question #7 How Can You Help Me Grow My Business?

Let’s be honest about the fact that the main goal of any entrepreneur is growing their business. It does not really matter whether you want to open a second location or just want to improve your existing business. Here, you should work with professionals like Prestige Auditors who can help you grow your business by providing you with unique chances to improve your business significantly. Our team consists of professional experts in business, taxes, and finances; altogether, they can positively influence your business and expand it in the shortest period of time. Additionally, you can read this blog where we talk about the main tips concerning rapid business growth.

Question #8 What Changes Will Positively Impact My Business?

Changes, sometimes they can positively impact your entire business by putting it on a completely different level. Therefore, you have to have a carefully-thought strategy in place, in order to implement proper changes for the fast improvement of your business. You can contact our team and our professional experts will implement proper changes that will be sufficient for your business.

Question #9 How Should I Structure My Business?

One of the most vital aspects in the process of launching your business is choosing the right business structure. The main reason is that each business structure has both advantages and disadvantages which may have an impact on your operation and can determine the entire way of your taxation. Generally, there are five main types of business structures, among them are:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • C Corporation
  • Partnership
  • S Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

If you are not sure which business structure suits your future business more, you can reach out to Prestige Auditors and we will determine which business structure you should choose in order to succeed in your business.

Question#10 What Are My Tax Obligations?

As a beginner, you should prepare yourself that your first tax season is going to be quite stressful. And of course, you can get confused trying to figure out tax obligations that you are required to pay. In most cases, it depends on the type of your business structure. But, here are the main types of taxes that you can face during your operation:

  • Corporate Income Taxes
  • Personal Income Taxes
  • Sales Taxes
  • Excise Taxes
  • Employment Taxes
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Self-employment Taxes
  • Estimated Taxes

In this blog, you will find the list of important taxes that you should be aware of before launching your business.

Here, you should also consult your accountant or professional tax experts in order to understand which taxes apply to your business. We at Prestige Auditors are open to discuss any concerns that that you have regarding your business. Additionally we will not only figure out taxes that you are required to pay, but also help you with the process of filing and remitting them. By the way, if you intend to start an e commerce business, then we are rushing to bring you good news:  Prestige Auditors has a powerful strategy in place for those who want to start an online business. So, we can help you with the following:

  • Filing Walmart Tax Exemption Application
  • How to Form an LLC for Online Business
  • E-commerce Taxation
  • Amazon Tax Exemption
  • Walmart Tax Exemption

Go through our website and you will find the entire list of services that we specialize in, and you will make sure that we do not talk the talk, but definitely walk the walk!