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Prestige Auditors is here to ease business formation and management from any seller, from the new to the veteran.

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Business Formation

Businesses are prone to damage during their stages of infancy. If the first steps are not taken with care, the path to success will become crooked. Prestige Auditors presents its clients with consultation on how to form a business from the ground up in a way that it grows in a firm and resolute manner and you can hit the ground running.

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Tax Exemption for Professional Sellers

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Tax Exemption

For many sellers, including those who are relatively new to the world of ecommerce, tax exemption presents itself as an enigma of sorts. Prestige Auditors unveils that enigma, informing and assisting businesses with tax exemption and related issues. Tax exemption may feel like an uphill struggle. However, our staff at Prestige Auditors can guide you through what may seem like a tedious process.


Most online businesses fail because they do not properly audit their money. Businesses that do not have a clear understanding of internal finances are doomed to fail. Prestige Auditors is here to make sure you know exactly how much money is being put into your business and coming back out. We want to make sure you know your vulnerabilities and address them so that your business can succeed.

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